Pegasus Fleet Command Staff

Last Update: March 14th, 2022
Note: Gold denotes a Fleet Admiralty member. Silver denotes additional fleet staff members.
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Fleet Command

Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer

    Fleet Admiral Emily Quinn

Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer

    Vice Admiral D\'era Virtam

Personnel & Support

Academy Commandant

    Rear Admiral William Kelly

Chief of Public Relations

     Position Vacant

Fleet Operations

Chief of Fleet Operations

    Vice Admiral Niamh Devane
Task Force 11 Commanding Officer

    Captain Temperance Harding
Task Force 37 Commanding Officer

    Captain Dirk Taggart
Task Force 56 Commanding Officer

    Captain Dominic Dalgaard
Division 74 Commanding Officer

    Captain Catherine Waldorf

Director of Fleet Resources

    Vice Admiral D\'era Virtam
Chief of Starfleet Engineering

    Captain Alex Powell
Chairman of the Galactic Anthropology Committee

    Captain Anatoly Grankin