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Galaxy Class Starship

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  • Expected Duration: 100 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 5 years
  • Time Between Refit: 20 years
  • Officers: 169
  • Enlisted Crew: 845
  • Marines: 0
  • Passengers: 25
  • Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 4156
  • Cruising Velocity: Warp 6
  • Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.2
  • Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.9 (for 12 hours)
  • Length: 643 metres
  • Width: 464 metres
  • Height: 195 metres
  • Decks: 42
Auxiliary Craft

For full description and specifications, visit the Pegasus Fleet Wiki.


The Galaxy-class was a Starfleet vessel first introduced in the late 2350s. It was one of the largest and most powerful Federation starship classes of its time, with many serving in the Dominion War.
Can separate and rejoin saucer section without need of a starbase. In the deck listing, the saucer section is referred to as A while the engineering section is referred to as B.

Description by Memory Alpha.

Deck Listing
Deck Description
1Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Observation Lounge, Conference Room
2Captain's Quarters, XO's Quarters, XO's Office, Chief Ops Office
3VIP Guest Quarters, Large Conference Room, Auditorium, Weapons Storage
4Main Shuttlebay, Shuttle Repair Unit, Cargo Bay 1, Cargo Bay 2, Primary Communications Array
5Primary and Secondary Computer Systems Monitor Room, Computer Core Access, Primary Computer Core Level 1, Guest Quarters/Emergency Medical Units
6Liquid Waste Reclamation Facility 1, Transporter Rooms 1-2, Guest Quarters/Emergency Medical Units, Primary Computer Core Level 2
7Gymnasium, Natatorium, Mess Hall, Galley Crew Quarters, Conference Room 2, Primary Computer Core Level 3
8A - Crew Quarters, Child Care Center, School
B - Battle Bridge, Computer and Equipment Storage Bays
9A - Environmental Control 1, Attached Personnel/Colony Quarters, Emergency Supply Storage
B - Interim Deuterium Supply, Solid Waste Reprocessing Facility 1
10A - Security Training, Weapons Practice Range, Weapons Storage, Ten Forward, Saucer Impulse Engines
B - Weapons Storage, Secondary Communications Array
11A - Primary SIF/IDF Generators, Holodecks 1-4, Attached Personnel/Colony Quarters, Saucer Impulse Engines
B - Environmental Control 2, Docking Latch Manual Control Room, Secondary Computer Core Level 1
12A - Replicator Control, Sickbay 1, CMO's Office, Medical Supply Storage
B - Sickbay 2, Med Lab 1, Med Lab 2, Holographic Simulator Rooms 1-10, Crew Quarters, Secondary Computer Core Level 2 and Access
13A - Liquid Waste Reclamation Facility 2, Solid Waste Reprocessing Facility 2, Stellar Cartography, Astrophysics
B - Environmental Control 3, Shuttlebays 2 & 3, Crew Quarters
14A - Sociology Department, Counselor's Office, Archaeology Department, Chemistry Labs 1 & 2
B - Personnel Transporter Rooms 3 & 4, Crew Quarters
15A - Particle Lab, Geology Lab, Biology Labs 1 & 2
B - Hazardous Material Storage, Containment Lab Suites 1 & 2
16A - Arboretum, Captain's Yacht
B - Plant Sciences Department, Botany Lab
17Auxiliary Sickbay, Zoology Lab, Hydroponics Lab and Gardens
18Public Replicators, Engineering Hardware Replicators, Crew Quarters
19Fabricating Shop, Large Conference Room, Crew Quarters
20Ship's Stores, Crew Quarters
21Environmental Control 4, Crew Quarters
22Helm Training, Adult Classrooms, Crew Quarters
23Main Impulse Engines, Engine Control Room
24Liquid Waste Reclamation Facility 3, Environmental Control 5
25Forward Torpedo Launcher, Torpedo Storage and Loading, Torpedo Modification, Computer Research Lab
26Phaser Training Range, Chief Security Officer's Office, Brig
27Deuterium Storage Tanks, Barber Shop
28Deuterium Storage Tanks, Secondary Hardware Replicators, Auxiliary Computer Core Level 1
29Deuterium Storage Tanks, Large Meeting Room, Auxiliary Computer Core Level 2
30Auxiliary Computer Systems Monitor Room, Auxiliary Computer Core Access, Auxiliary Computer Core Level 3, Deuterium Injectors
31Engineering Parts and Equipment Storage, Turbolift Control and Repair Department
32Secondary SIF Generators, Astrometrics Lab, Materials Testing Lab
33Holographic Simulation Rooms 11-20, Attached Personnel/Colony Quarters, Secondary IDF Generators
34Solid Waste Reprocessing Facility 3, Secondary Replicator Systems Control, Environmental Control 6
35Main Engineering Upper Access, Aft Torpedo Launcher, Torpedo Storage and Loading Facility, Attached Personnel/Colony Quarters
36Main Engineering, Chief Engineer's Office, Engineering Labs
37Main Engineering Lower Access, Sensor Analysis Labs, Sensor Instrument Bays, Emergency Food Rations Storage
38Cargo Bay 3, Emergency Personnel Transporter 1, Hazardous Material Storage and Containment
39Cargo Bay 4, Emergency Personnel Transporter 2, Emergency Power Facility
40Backup Antimatter Pod Storage, Emergency Personnel Transporter 3, Antimatter Injectors
41Antimatter Storage Pods, Antimatter Generator
42Antimatter Fill Port, Tractor Beam Emitter, Warp Core Ejection Hatch
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