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Pegasus Fleet's main sites, as well as many of our games' sites, are hosted free for use for members by Pegasus Fleet's founder. From time to time, we may ask for donations to help offset the costs involved in hosting the sites. Below you will find two different options for those wishing to donate via PayPal and show your support for the fleet. There are absolutely NO obligations for anyone to donate. Games will be hosted regardless of whether or not you are able to, and if you are not we completely understand.

The first option is for subscription donors who wish to contribute to the fleet in a more continuous fasion. Simply select the amount you wish to donate each month and click the button to be put through to the PayPal site to complete the signup. Subscriptions can be as large or as little as you are able and willing to give, and can be cancelled at any time. At some point in the future we hope to be able to think of benefits that we are able to give to these regular subscribed donators in order to reward them for their generosity.

The second option is for a one-time donation, for those who do not wish to sign up for automated monthly renewals. Simply click the button at the bottom of the page and specify the amount that you are able to give.

Your support is appreciated whichever option you choose, and once again there are no obligations; if anyone is unable to support us financially, your moral support and participation in our games is more than enough.

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