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We are all about fun, inclusive online roleplay and we are accepting new players all the time. Whether you're looking to command your own starship or get grimy as a non-commissioned engineer, we've got a position to suit you.

Even if you've never 'simmed' before, we can help you out. New players are welcome to use our Academy training courses to learn the ropes and help you get started on your new ship.

So don't hesitate. The year is 2392, Galactic South is still a wild frontier. Take your station and seek out new life and new civilisations.

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Now Hiring- Deputy Director of Communications
16th June, 2017     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Aaron
Rear Admiral Jesse James is now accepting applications for Deputy Director of Communications. As part of the Public Relations department, the Deputy Director of Communications will be responsible for assisting with the management of our website, social media, and general recruitment. If you enjoy being an active member of the community, and are looking for ways that you can help spread the word about Pegasus Fleet, then this position is for you. Applications are due by June 19, so if you are interested, contact Admiral James right away at

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Monthly Update - June 2017
10th June, 2017     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hi everyone!

It's been a chaotic couple of months for the PFA. Lots of exciting things have been happening for our members outside of the fleet, and with that has brought a lot of shuffling to the group. But after moving some people around and a couple of rounds of applications, we're back up to full strength. With new and old members of the Admiralty finding themselves in new positions, there's been a bit of a learning curve. So please forgive our struggles as we get back into the swing of things.

This month I'd like to welcome a few new commanding officers. If you...

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TF Maps Complete
4th June, 2017     Task Force 37 Announcements
Posted by Thompson
A big thanks to our resident map Guru Williams for these.


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Monthly Update - May 2017
6th May, 2017     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hello everyone,

It was a bit of a mixed month for Pegasus Fleet. We had a few sims that did very well and were very active, and several sims that were not. Remember captains, don't hesitate to reach out to your TFCOs if you need help. It was also a bittersweet month for the PFA. Today we welcome a new member of the Admiralty, but must say farewell to another. But before I get to that, I want to welcome our newest CO, Commander Elizabeth Hart of the USS Galileo. Welcome to Pegasus Fleet, Commander.

As stated in a special announcement last month, Rear Admiral Wells...

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Task Force 11 on Discord
9th April, 2017     Task Force 11 Announcements
Posted by Nate
Hello PF People,

The Task Force 11 Discord server is 100% for any fleet members to join! Feel free to swing by and join the conversation!


It's a great way to get involved with the Task Force OOC Community.

Monthly Update - April 2017
8th April, 2017     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hi everyone!

March ended up being a bit of a quiet month from the PFA, but with the late meeting last month and the early one this month, it was a bit short. Posting numbers were down over some of our sims, though many are still going strong. For those sims that have seen a dip in numbers over the last few months, you can expect some messages from your TFCO on ways to help get things moving again. Commanding Officers, don't forget that you can come to us at any time if you have any questions about something on your sim.

I only have a couple of PFA related announcements...

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Monthly Update - March 2017
18th March, 2017     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hi everyone!

I have a pretty short update for all of you this month. Many of you may have seen that I was out on more business travel last week, which is why the monthly meeting was pushed back to this weekend. But I'm back and hopefully get to stay home for a while so I can spend more time with the Fleet.

We don't have any new commanding officers this month, but I do want to welcome a handful of new members to Pegasus Fleet. Although there are no new COs, we do have a new sim, the USS August, commanded by our Task Force 56 CO, Captain Ovik. You may have noticed a...

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