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Even if you've never 'simmed' before, we can help you out. New players are welcome to use our Academy training courses to learn the ropes and help you get started on your new ship.

So don't hesitate. The year is 2392, Galactic South is still a wild frontier. Take your station and seek out new life and new civilisations.

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Monthly Update - April 2018
7th April, 2018     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hello everyone!

Happy Belated First Contact Day! As many of you are probably aware, in 45 years from Thursday, mankind will make first contact with an alien race following the first successful test of human built warp drive. Our future, or course, is still unwritten, but it’s always fun to think about the future seen in Star Trek as our future. Who knows? Maybe we will get to see a real first contact in our lifetimes.

For the most part March was a pretty good month for the fleet. Two thirds of our sims finished with an average posting rate of one post per player, or...

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TFCO Monthly Report TF11 March 2018
4th April, 2018     Task Force 11 Announcements
Posted by JasmineSomers
[X] USS Starbase 332 - Captain Liarra Von
[O] USS Virgil - Lt.Commander Jordan Gunning
[X] USS Tomcat - Captain Jasmine Somers
[X] USS Thames - Commander Cassius Whittemore

Task Force 37 CO Monthly Report - March 2018
1st April, 2018     Task Force 37 Announcements
Posted by Terris
Monthly Reports for the month of March 2018.

[X] USS Lantau - Captain Haught
[X] USS Highlander - Captain Williams
[X] USS Hephaistos - Captain Warrington
[X] USS Galileo - Commander Kilbane
[P] USS...

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One new and one... wrinkly new CO's
28th March, 2018     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Thompson
Folks I'd like you to give a warm welcome firstly to the crew of the USS Dreadnought. Under the command of our new Chief of Public Relations, (Previously TF11/56 CO) Captain William Hood brings with him a 12 year old Sim to the fleet. No strange to Pegasus having served on 332 for a long time the Dreadnought promises to put you into the thick of it. No really. He likes to blow stuff up... like a lot.

Secondly a big welcome to Lieutenant Commander Andreas O’Shaunessy who has just completed the Command Academy and taken command of the USS Alabama. A good writer who I've been lucky...

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Monthly Update - March 2018
10th March, 2018     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hello everyone!

Another month down and one month closer to nicer weather. Well, for many of us, at least. The change to warmer weather also means the return of Daylight Saving Time. For the sake of everyone I'll spare you from my semi-annual rant about changing the clocks, but I will remind you that the time change in the US at least takes place this weekend. So be sure to pay careful attention to the time for our meeting this month.

While it was a pretty good month for our sims, it was a bit of a slow month for the PFA. However, I do have a couple of announcements....

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Monthly Update - February 2018
10th February, 2018     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hello everyone!

January was a good month for Pegasus Fleet. Nearly every sim increased their posting totals from December, so it looks like we're on the way out of that holiday slump. Let's keep up the great work!

I have a few announcements this month. We don't have any new COs this month, but we do have some staff openings. As discussed last month, the task force commanding officer of Task Force 56 is still open. Anyone who is interested in the position should click on the link below to fill out an application. This is an open application period, and we will be...

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Monthly Update - January 2018
13th January, 2018     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hello everyone!

Welcome to 2018! It seems we survived the holiday rush and now we're ready to get back to simming. Activity was down over the last month, but that's a typical side effect of the end of the year. Despite that, we have some new sims and new players! As we settle back down from family and travel, I'm anxious to get back to work on the Fleet.

I do have a few announcements to make this month, despite the holiday slow down. First, I'd like to welcome back a couple of returning COs. Commander Alyssa Renee, AKA Applewood, has resumed command of the USS Icarus,...

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