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Monthly Update - August 2018
11th August, 2018     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hello everyone!

This month’s update will be a little shorter than last month’s. I do have a few updates pertaining to July discussions, however. So let’s get to it.

The first thing that I want to discuss is to clarify some things that were said at last month’s meeting. There was a lot of focus on continuing to build our level of communication within the Fleet, and the PFA has been working on some things to help move us in that direction. But I do feel that the topic created some misconceptions about the Fleet, and I’d like to try and clear those up. Talk of...

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Monthly Update - July 2018
7th July, 2018     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hello everyone!

For most of us, summer is upon us, and with that, warmer weather and family outings. As such, sim activity was down quite a bit this past month, with only a few sims averaging more than one post per player. Because of that, the PFA has elected to only award one Sim of the Month award for June, as shown below. As part of this discussion, and because of other factors that I will mention, we’ve decided that we would like to consider some changes to our monthly award system. But more on that in a moment.

As a reminder to all of our members, but especially our...

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Monthly Update - June 2018
9th June, 2018     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hello everyone!

Since last month’s report went out so late due to the Mother’s Day weekend in the US, I don’t have a lot of new information to report this month. As you can probably guess, I’ll mostly be focusing on our new Privacy Policies, and how they relate back to the General Data Protection Regulation. But first, I do want to mention that it was a slower month for pretty much all of our sims. For much of us we’ve been seeing some warmer weather, so that probably had something to do with it. As a reminder to commanding officers, if you are struggling with your sims for...

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Monthly Update - May 2018
19th May, 2018     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hello everyone!

I don't have too much to announce this month. We've had one piece of new business in the last couple of weeks, but it's a big one. I'll mention more about it in a moment. For much of the past month we've been one member short. Rear Admiral S'iraa recently got married, and has been celebrating on his honeymoon. He expects to return on May 21, so be sure to congratulate him when you see him around.

In other news, our newest sims have been already making an impact, with all three of them, the Wasp, Alabama, and Century, all scoring over 1.75 posts per player. The...

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Upcoming Changes to the Privacy Policy
9th May, 2018     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
In case you aren't aware, a new General Data Protection Regulation has been adopted by the European Union and will be going into effect on May 25, 2018. You'll be forgiven for not being aware because I only found out about it yesterday. Our friends at Bravo Fleet have graciously shared with us the information that they have already put together for their fleet, which I have copied below. Their actual announcement can be found here.

What this means for...

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Task Force 37 Commanding Officer Monthly Report April 2018
3rd May, 2018     Task Force 37 Announcements
Posted by Terris
Monthly Reports for the month of March 2018.

[X] USS Lantau - Captain Haught
[X] USS Highlander - Captain Williams
[X] USS Hephaistos - Captain Warrington
[X] USS Galileo - Commander Yoraan
[X] USS Alabama - Commander Andreas...

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TFCO Monthly Report TF11 April 2018
1st May, 2018     Task Force 11 Announcements
Posted by JasmineSomers
Will be updated as Reports come in

[X] Starbase 332 - Captain Liarra Von

[?] USS Virgil - Lt.Commander Jordan Gunning

[X] USS Tomcat - Captain Jasmine Somers

[X] USS Thames - Commander Cassius Whittemore

[X]USS Century - Captain Calvin Myers