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Task Force 56, December Update
12th January, 2021     Task Force 56 Announcements
Posted by howtypicallyhuman

Like the fleet as a whole, Task Force 56 enjoyed a relatively low-key December, with most of its players primarily focused on reconnecting with family and friends to enjoy the holiday season. That said, I am pleased with our numbers, overall.

Task Force 56 thrives with six (6) operational role-play games. We have a total of 43 players writing for 46 characters and continue to grow this player count with each month.

I am beyond proud to announce the USS Comfort as Pegasus ...

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Pegasus Fleet Monthly Meeting, January 10th 2021
11th January, 2021     Division 74 Announcements
Posted by Nate

Hey All You Cool Targs and Tribbles! I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year thus far. I’m hoping 2021 brings us all more luck than 2020 did!

Let’s talk Division 74’s numbers to start out the New Year:

We have 5 sims in the Division, with a total of 64 Players playing 67 Characters.

Average Post Count for December was 13.75

We are pleased to announce D74's Sim of the Year for 2020 is USS Ermiana! Congratulations!

On behalf of all of us in Division 74, thank you for an amazing 2020 and here’s to an even better 2021!

Monthly Update - January 2021
9th January, 2021     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a nice holiday. We’re finally moving on from 2020. Like with many of our sims, activity slowed down with the fleet staff while we spent some time with family and recharging at the end of the year. Because of that, I only have a few announcements, most of them follow up announcements from last month. So let’s get started.

As a reminder from last month, we’re about six weeks out from the third annual Khitomer Conference. Pegasus Fleet will be co-hosting the Khitomer Conference on Saturday, February 20. I should be able to


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Taskforce 11 December 2020 Monthly
15th December, 2020     Task Force 11 Announcements
Posted by JasmineSomers
I will start by saying that this writes up is a little longer and for the month of November 2020 I am very proud of the ships in TF11, and there has been movement, but all in all considering the global lockdown the sims in the Taskforce have been doing well even if posting numbers are a bit low, but fluctuations are to be expected. The quality of the posts are good ...

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Division 74 Updates: Pegasus Fleet Monthly Meeting, December 13th 2020
15th December, 2020     Division 74 Announcements
Posted by Nate

Hey All You Cool Cats and Kittens! This month it has been so fun getting to know the Commanding Officers in Division 74 and the sims they run.

In November, Division 74 welcomed the SS Ceres. Taking place during the Romulan War, it is certainly unique. Welcome to Commander Gregory Watley aka CoffeeAddict and crew

The addition of the Ceres brings D74 to 5 games total, with some fantastic averages for the month:

Average Players: 13.75
Average Posts: 43.75
Average PPP: 1.75

On to our winners for the month;
D74's Sim of the Month has been awarded to the SS


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Task Force 56, November Update
13th December, 2020     Task Force 56 Announcements
Posted by howtypicallyhuman

Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday, My Friends!

November 2020 was an excellent month for Task Force 56.

First, we want to welcome Captain Reginald Jacobs to the task force as Commandant of Pegasus Fleet’s Cestus III Academy! Cestus III Academy was announced as Task Force 56’s newest PRG on 2020-11-05 and provides players with a unique gaming experience where they can take on the role of an eager, upstart cadet or a knowledgeable ...

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Monthly Update - December 2020
12th December, 2020     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex

Hello everyone!

I know for some of us this year has flown by. For others, it’s seemed to drag on forever. Either way, it’s December, and a new year is just around the corner. That also means that we’re full swing into the holiday season, and with that we usually see a reduction in activity. Commanding officers, please be aware of this. We also have some exciting news since it is the end of the year, but I’ll tell you more about that later.

First, we’d like to welcome a couple of new sims. First off, Rear Admiral Calloway, as Captain Reginal Jacobs, has introduced the


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