Pegasus Fleet Command Staff
Last Update: January 15th, 2017
Note: Gold denotes a Fleet Admiralty member. Silver denotes additional fleet staff members.
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Fleet Command
Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer
Admiral Emily Quinn
Personnel & Support
Academy Commandant
Rear Admiral Minka Stannes
  Academy Vice Commandant
Position Vacant
Chief of Public Relations
Rear Admiral Rachel Collins
  Deputy Director of Personnel
Captain Mysen Xoll
  Deputy Director of Communications
Position Vacant
Fleet Operations
Chief of Fleet Operations
Rear Admiral Allan Wells
  Task Force 11 Commanding Officer
Captain Devinona Ral
  Task Force 37 Commanding Officer
Captain James Warrington
  Task Force 56 Commanding Officer
Captain Lauren Applewood
  Division 74 Commanding Officer
Captain Bobbi Jo Wichdt
Director of Fleet Resources
Rear Admiral Christopher Gordon Sr
  Chief of Starfleet Engineering
Position Vacant
  Chairman of the Galactic Anthropology Committee
Captain Anatoly Grankin
Sim Year: 2392
January 17, 2017



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