Mission Statement

Pegasus Fleet seeks to provide a positive, creative and challenging environment for members to write about the Star Trek universe, whilst being both safe and enjoyable for all.

We shall strive to provide an environment in keeping with Gene Roddenberry's vision - free of any form of discrimination or harassment, where members are encouraged to express originality, inventiveness, and to pursue and harness their full potential, exploring the farthest reaches of the Star Trek realm.

We shall aim to provide a fleet whose simulations speak of excellence in quality, whose members are held, and hold others, in the highest respect. Through an ever evolving system of governance, we shall provide support and resources to all members, and shall strive to be ambassadors to all others in the Star Trek community.

Above all else, we shall aim to let our imaginations take flight, and soar boldly where no one has gone before.
Sim Year: 2392
January 17, 2017



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