Instructor Application Form

This application form is for members of the fleet who wish to become an instructor with the Pegasus Fleet Academy.

Player Information
Your Real Name:
Your Real Age:
Email Address:
Character Information
Other PF Characters:

Instructor Name:
**Note: This should be your highest ranking, non-PFA character in Pegasus Fleet.**
Course Information
Preferred Course to Teach:   Commanding Officer
  Executive Officer
What do you think will make you a good Academy Instructor?
How many hours are you willing to dedicate to this position a week?
What kind of conflicts could arise which may prevent you from responding in a timely manner?
What experience have you that makes you suitable for this role?
What do you expect from this role?
Are you good at time management?
As an instructor of the PF Academy, you will be required to work with students of different levels of experience and with many different views and ways to approach various situations. What will you do to aid them in their progress through their course?
Which ideas/values of instruction do you feel are most important? Why?
If selected, it would be your responsibility as Academy Instructor to not only instruct students adn grade assignments, but to ensure that the material is of a high standard adn to propose any change that might improve the quality of the course and the academy as a whole. What approach would you take to aiding the senior instructors and the Commandant in improving the academy?
Your student comes to you and believes that you have unfairly graded one of their assignments resulting in a failed assignment. They believe they should be allowed to pass the lesson and move forward, but you do not believe the assignment merits a pass. What do you do to resolve the issue?
In your opinion, what is more important – teaching character development or teaching posting skills? Why?
Other Comments
If there is anything else you wish to say which may have a factor in the seletion process, please do so now.
Sim Year: 2392
January 17, 2017



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