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Pegasus Fleet Hosting Terms is not responsible for the content, copyright infringement, or any such material shown on any hosted sites. Site content is the responsibility of the hosted site's webmaster. Pornographic or otherwise illegal material will not be acceptable in any form, and may be subject to the hosted site's immediate removal from reserves the right to request changes to or remove any hosted sites which are found to be in breach of this agreement after contacting said hosted site's webmaster. hosting is available to Pegasus Fleet Simulations only. We do not offer hosting services for simulations which are not a part of Pegasus Fleet. Credit for the hosting does not need to be placed on the sites hosted, as the domain name is more than enough to acknowledge the fleet's hosting of said site. is not responsible for any downtime experienced by hosted sites - any downtime would be due to However, should notify us of any scheduled downtime, hosted site's webmasters will be notified. The webmaster will keep hosted sites informed of any changes and will do its best to answer any questions or concerns presented by webmasters of our hosted sites. Please ask any initial questions before formally requesting to be hosted by

Sim Year: 2392
January 17, 2017



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