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We are all about fun, inclusive online roleplay and we are accepting new players all the time. Whether you're looking to command your own starship or get grimy as a non-commissioned engineer, we've got a position to suit you.

Even if you've never 'simmed' before, we can help you out. New players are welcome to use our Academy training courses to learn the ropes and help you get started on your new ship.

So don't hesitate. The year is 2392, Galactic South is still a wild frontier. Take your station and seek out new life and new civilisations.

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Archytas Station
19th October, 2016     Task Force 56 Announcements
Posted by Yunalesca
Archytas Station has gone live, as part of Task Force 56, and will be under the command of Commander Melody Brooks.

Archytas station launches with a fully active roster of 6 players, total, and is set up and ready to go, but there are still openings in that roster, so check out the site, and see if something on this frontier Starbase tickled your...

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Feel the Force with Rogue Moon
16th October, 2016     Division 74 Announcements
Posted by OTouvelli
The newest addition to D74 is Joh Spivak's Star Wars: Rogue Moon sim. Please make him feel welcome by dropping by and swapping stories over a blue milk.


Welcome the USS Vesta
15th October, 2016     Task Force 37 Announcements
Posted by Taylor_Isley
Let's all take a moment to welcome the Newest sim to the Fleet and TF37, The USS Vesta.


Commander Yoshi Minawara has just finished the Academy and seems to have already made sim Active with seven crew members. The first within the fleet to have a Quantum Slipstream Drive we are looking forward to see the story her crew writes.

Congrats Commander and Welcome!

The Might H Goes Active!
9th October, 2016     Task Force 37 Announcements
Posted by Taylor_Isley
I am Happy to Announce that the USS Hephaistos or the Mighty H, as she is known to her crew, has reached that magic number and is now active. Best of luck to her Captain, Captain James Warrington, and her expanding crew as they set off on their first mission.


Task Force 56 Launch
7th October, 2016     Task Force 56 Announcements
Posted by Yunalesca
In late 2392, Starfleet established a task force along the northern frontier, for the purposes of dealing with an outbreak of piracy, and rumors of Breen, and Romulan separatists.

By order of Rear Admiral Richard Gates, the following vessels are ordered to report to the Northern Frontier for appointment to this task force, upon completion of their current mission.

General Services vessels:
U.S.S. Victory
U.S.S. Langport

Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team
U.S.S. Shepherd

Diplomatic Services
U.S.S. Icarus(Task force command...

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Monthly Update - October 2016
7th October, 2016     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Alex
Hi everyone!

We had another great month here in Pegasus Fleet. Since the new rules introduced last month, we've seen several of our sims improve in activity. We have, unfortunately seen a few sims that left or closed, but we have some new active sims and a few more COs in the Academy. I'd like to welcome Captain James Warrington of the USS Hephaistos and Commander Mitchell Hanson of the Battlestar Solaria. We have been becoming very attractive to prospective COs and players recently, and the common theme has been that Pegasus Fleet has such an open and active community. I'd like...

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Awards Team
2nd October, 2016     Fleet Announcements
Posted by Emily
As some of you know, Pegasus Fleet has maintained a list of Fleet Awards for quite a while now. I'm afraid now most of these awards are rarely used and significantly outdated with current times. Now, I am happy to announce that Captain Mysen Xoll (Terris) and I plan to put together a special team dedicated to restructuring and recreating these awards. Terris will be taking charge of this project, but I will be supervising on behalf of the Admiralty.

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Sim Year: 2392
October 25, 2016



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