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A new Starbase!
29th May, 2016     Task Force 11 Announcements
Posted by Williams

I'd like to welcome a new CO to our ranks; Marcus, who will be playing Commander Christopher Tennet, the new CO of Starbase 218!

For a long time, SB332 has been our only active starbase in the fleet, but it's good to see it being joined by a second now; the kinds of stories you can run on a starbase sim can be vastly different to those you'll often see on starships, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Marcus can come up with.


Welcome to the fleet!

A new sim!
1st May, 2016     Task Force 11 Announcements
Posted by Williams
Everyone, I'm pleased to announce that we have another new sim joining us today - the Century class USS Tempest is transferring into the fleet under the command of Captain Elizabeth Wolf!

The Tempest comes into the fleet with an already strong crew and some good stories under their belt, so I'm certain they'll hit the ground running here. The sim is set in the Delta Quadrant, and so has been assigned to our niche task group.


Welcome to the fleet!

A promotion!
30th April, 2016     Task Force 11 Announcements
Posted by Williams
Well, it's been a while since I've been able to announce one of these!

I'm pleased to announce that as of today, I am promoting Rohana O'Touvelli of the USS Langport to the rank of Captain, with all the rights and privileges that come with that rank!

Captain O'Touvelli joined us as commander of the USS Kingdom back in October last year, and despite a bit of a dip and a switch recently from the Kingdom to the Langport, they've done a fine job of running a stable sim throughout that time, and as such I'm more than happy to confer this new rank on her.

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Commander Announcements
30th April, 2016     Task Force 11 Announcements
Posted by Williams
I've a few announcements to make in regards to sim commands today;

Firstly, as I'm sure you've seen, the CO of the Harbinger has left us, as has the sim itself. It's always a shame when we lose members, but we'll always respect the decisions that COs make in the interest of their sims.

We have also recently had the COs of the USS Poseidon and USS Apollo step down, due to real life issues. Again, it is always a shame when real life interferes with the hobbies that we enjoy, but we wish them both the best of luck with their future endeavours. All three of our departing...

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A few announcements
18th March, 2016     Task Force 11 Announcements
Posted by Williams
Just a few quick announcements to make.

Firstly, those of you who receive the monthly newsletter will have seen the notice that we've lost a few sims last month. The USS Ark Royal, IKS P'ach and USS Bosworth were both shut down due to inactivity. It's never good to have to close sims, but where those sims are dead in the water, we need to make way for new and active ones to take their place.

We also have unfortunately lost one of our more established sims in the USS Farragut, with its CO Mike resigning. Mike's been with PF since the start of the fleet, being the...

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Another new sim
4th February, 2016     Task Force 11 Announcements
Posted by Williams
But not necessarily a new commander. Will (our TFXO) has asked that the Tokyo be moved into the niche task group as it uses STO technology, and so I have done this and set its genre accordingly. This allows Will to take on a second command in the main task group, which he is doing with his TFXO character Kaede Kayano, and the starship USS Yamato


Two new sims!
4th February, 2016     Task Force 11 Announcements
Posted by Williams
It seems that this forum is full of double announcements.

First off, I'm pleased to welcome Commander Logan Reece to the fleet, who will be taking command of the USS London!


Secondly, I'm pleased to welcome a rather special new sim. As some of you know from the opinion thread we put up on the forums a while back, the PFA has been debating whether to allow non-Trek sims into the fleet. After a thorough discussion process, and a detailed proposal from the individual who was interesting in...

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Sim Year: 2392
May 29, 2016



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